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He was later apprehended and his wife divorced him in 1970. He is associated with the murder of actress Sharon Tate and some other Hollywood residents. After getting married to a 17 years old girl who got pregnant for he, he was arrested for car theft and was jailed and murder.

He was reported to have been hospitalized in January 2017 with a serious illness.

Company representatives offered training to officers Saturday on using the devices that attach to their uniforms and record video and audio. The chief told the Post-Dispatch officers were able to capture video images of crowd members taunting officers during the demonstration on Saturday. "They are trying to get used to using them."CBS St.

Louis affiliate KMOV reported Friday that the officers were getting the training.

DENVER — Emergency responders airlifted a woman to the hospital after she belly-flopped while attempting an 83-foot cliff dive in Colorado over the Fourth of July holiday, according to KDVR-TV.

Chatroulette users share one common characteristic - the desire to communicate.Proponents say the devices add a new level of accountability to police work."This is a technology that has a very real potential to serve as a check and balance on police power," says Jay Stanley, senior policy analyst at the American Civil Liberties Union. police departments now use body cameras in some form, according to ACLU attorney Scott Greenwood.The case supporters make is simple: Cops and criminal suspects alike are less likely to misbehave if they know they're being recorded. In a recent Cambridge University study, the police department in Rialto, California - a city of about 100,000- saw an 89 percent decline in the number of complaints against officers in a yearlong trial using the cameras. and in England, Australia, Brazil and elsewhere, a growing number of departments are implementing the cameras, in addition to - or instead of - the dashboard-mounted cameras that are already widely used in police cars. The Los Angeles Police Department is testing the cameras and the New York City Police Department said this month that the department is exploring the feasibility of using the devices.9 shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson officer Darren Wilson.Jackson said the department was given about 50 body cameras by two companies about a week ago. "They are really enjoying them," he told the newspaper.

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He eventually killed 4 women and dressing in their cloths.